Modular vs. HUD Homes

What’s the Difference?

For most of us, there are two types of homes that we know of, either mobile homes or site-built homes. Many don’t know the differences and advantages that Modular and Manufactured Homes can offer; let’s start with Modular Homes.

Modular Homes

A Modular Home is a home that is manufactured inside a controlled production facility, typically built in two or more sections. Once these sections are built they can then be transported to a site location and assembled. This assembly process typically begins with a standard concrete foundation, which unlike mobile homes, turns your modular home into a permanent residence. Modular Homes are treated the same as your traditional neighborhood home, and follow the same local or state building codes. Modular Homes have many outstanding features and a large selection of pre-built designs. The price per square foot is typically less than traditional site-built homes. Modular Homes gives you a larger amount of flexibility when it comes to the design of your home; where as a typical site built home is usually designed and built before you even have the option to customize the design. Modular Homes are built with today’s families and today’s needs in mind.

Manufactured Homes

A Manufactured Home is often referred to as a Mobile Home, which use to be the case, but the difference in today’s modern Manufactured Homes and Mobile Homes is very large! Mobile Homes are homes that were built before 1976 and did not have to follow the HUD code. Manufactured Homes are homes that were built after June 15th, 1976, and follow the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standard Act. These standards regulate the construction process of the home, improving the quality of design, the strength and durability of the home, the transportability, the fire resistance, the energy efficiency and the quality of the home. Additionally, the HUD code puts standards on heating, plumbing, air conditioning and the electrical systems used in the home. HUD is the only federally-mandated national building code. Like Modular Homes, Manufactured Homes are also built inside a controlled production facility, but Manufactured Homes are tagged with a red label when each section is completed, signifying that the section conforms to the HUD building code. Manufactured Homes are built in one, two or even up to three sections. These homes can easily have a garage, porch or deck added onto them at the site location. You may even have the option to place the home on-top of a site-built basement. Both Manufactured and Modular Homes offer exceptional modern features typically at a fraction of the cost of site built homes.