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Luxury Homes’ modular homes can be customized to fit all of your housing needs.  Our team of certified professionals can transport and build your home anywhere within 100 miles outside of Springville, Vernal, Helper, and Richfield, Utah.

Utah Modular Homes - Luxury HomesAdvantages of Utah
Modular Homes

Modular homes, also known as factory, prefabricated, or prefab homes, can have quite a few advantages over homes built on site. Our homes are built in a controlled factory environment outside of the influence of nature which helps cut down on building time due to the lack of weather delays.


Factory built homes also are less susceptible to mold, rust, and sun damage that onsite homes can experience since they are built off site in a controlled factory environment.  Modular homes also tend to be low waste and more environmentally friendly than their site built counterparts due to their factory manufacturing.

    Luxury Homes Saves you Money

Modular homes can save you money.  Since they they take less time and materials, the cost to build these homes is significantly less than onsite homes.  The homes can also be customized so that they continue to save you money after they have been built by offering extra insulation and energy efficient appliances so that your utility bills continually stay low. Due to the fully customizable nature of our homes, we can also help you cut costs while we build.

    Easy to Move and Install around Utah

Our modular homes are built on axles and towed behind a truck until they reach your previously purchased land.  The axles are later removed and you will not be able to tell the difference between your modular home and a traditional onsite built home.  Since our homes are towed to their final location, they are built to be sturdy and to withstand transportation and will last for many years.4603C Off-Set Porch

Your home will be transported to its final location in a number of pieces called modules. These modules can be transported to a remote location, unlike onsite homes that are often built in standard neighborhoods, as long as the area has been zoned as residential.  If you would like assistance with zoning or rezoning land that you would like to build on, talk to one of our representatives.


   Floor Plans

View our fully customizable floor plans that can be built on any lot. We have plans that will fit all types of housing needs, and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with your home. We even build our homes on basements and can add a second story.  We also offer pictures of our homes so you can see what your home could become.  If you would like to make any changes to your floor plan, we will be able to work with you to do so.

   Service After Sale/ Warranty

To help safeguard your new Utah mobile home, Luxury Homes is associated with Champion Homes located in Weiser, Idaho. Champion Homes offers a One Year Warranty that covers the parts and services of your new home. Our in-house service department can resolve any concerns you may have as well as help you obtain factory support if needed.

A comprehensive walk-through inspection is done with you before move-in and any concerns are addressed. Luxury Homes works with certified professionals to assure you that your home will be built up to the highest standard.  Our job is not complete until you are satisfied.

For over 46 years we have been your one stop for everything you need to get into a new home.  We can help you find land, finance, and constructing your home.  Contact us today and let us help you become the owner of a new home.

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