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Our luxury manufactured homes are custom built so that they will satisfy any housing need you have. We build your home in a factory off site and then transport it to any location within 100 miles of Springville, Helper, Richfield, and Vernal, Utah.  Our team of certified professionals will construct your home according to factory specifications in line with Utah’s building code.

Utah Manufactured Homes - Luxury Homes

Benefits of
Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are built in a factory offsite which means that construction includes less waste and will not be slowed down by weather conditions such as rain and snow.

Saving You Money

By saving time and materials, manufactured homes can save you money. In addition to the building process saving you money, your custom built home can also feature other money saving options such as extra insulation and energy efficient appliances.  Once your manufactured home is assembled, you will not even be able to tell the difference between your home and a home built on site.

Luxury Homes uses only licensed contractors who are happy to provide a free bid on your site work. We can also assist with obtaining utilities, zoning, and building permits.  If you still haven’t found a lot in Utah to build your home, we are more than happy to assist with that too.  Our team promises to work with you through every step of building your home if needed.

   Manufactured vs. Modular Homes in Utah

Both modular and manufactured homes can be described as factory, prefabricated, or prefab homes, but have a couple of differences. Modular homes are built in a factory just like manufactured homes, but manufactured homes are built on axles so that they can be transported behind a truck to their final location while modular homes are transported on flatbed trucks.

Once a manufactured home reaches its location, the axles are removed and you cannot tell that they were even there.  The only way that people will be able to tell if your home is a manufactured home is by the hidden tags placed on each part of the house.  These tags will tell where and when each part of the home was built.

   Utah Manufactured HomesOur Utah Floor Plans

We have plenty of floor plans for you to choose from and we offer complete customization of each floor plan, including the options to add a basement or a second story among other options.  If you would like to know how your finished home could look, take a look at our photo gallery for one example.



   Financing/Land Home Package

Luxury Homes works with several lenders who are able to help you through the loan process from start to finish -assisting with your land, your home and any necessary site improvements. We also offer in-house construction loans to qualifying customers.

This makes the finances of your home less stressful and helps you on your way away from mountains of paperwork and into your home.  If you are not sure what you need to complete your new manufactured home in Utah, we will be able to walk you through our packages and all of the steps that you need to take.


After your home is built, Luxury Homes works with Champion Homes located in Weiser, Idaho. Champion Homes offers a One Year Warranty that covers parts and services. In addition to this coverage, we offer assistance for any other questions or concerns that you might have.  We also work and partner with certified technicians so that your home will be built up to the highest standard to keep you safe and happy.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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